​​Saints and Friends,

We're now a year out from the onset of COVID-19 shutdowns in this country, and God deserves all praise for keeping us through this life-altering pandemic! Much has happened since last March and many of our lives have changed forever. Some have suffered the loss of loved ones and/or friends, were personally affected with or by COVID-19, or endured several other effects (depression, loneliness, loss of income, etc.), so our outstretched hands to God come with much meaning and a heartfelt understanding of every blessing that has us here today.

What we initially thought was going to be a two week to a month stay-at-home order, turned into months of sheltering at home, limited trips to the grocery stores, no in-person church, and working and schooling at home. Yet, through it all the Lord kept each of us through the transitions and changes and we were blessed to worship virtually and keep connected through Ministry Well-Care Calls and Zoom Check-Ins. 

As we learned more about how COVID-19 was spread, how to decrease the chance of getting it, and the safest ways to interact with others, we were able to assimilate slowly back to limited interactions publicly, on our jobs and with schools. This also included ways to have the body of Christ safely engage in worship. 

In September, the church softly reopened for in-person Sunday Morning Worship Services only as the Wednesday night Bible Studies remained online. The Sunday Morning Worship Services continued with the abbreviated shortened format used for virtual worship (to limit time together in the enclosed Sanctuary) and seating was reduced and certain areas closed off to allow for proper social distancing. Properly worn face masks/face coverings were required, and sections of the Sanctuary were roped off to encourage social distancing. Hand sanitizing stations were also at every entrance and located in around the church.

By using these precautions, limiting the amount of singing done in a service, and having the Praise Team wear face shields when singing, we have been blessed to keep everyone attending worship free from COVID-19 and provide the needed in-person worship some desired mightily.

As we enter into the second year of COVID-19, our prayer is that you will remain safe and keep your faith in the Lord. It's possible that the introduction of vaccines will change the look of this pandemic as the year goes on and help a return to normalcy. We remain hopeful for a better year than last year and are believing for the best for God's people. We will continuously assess various areas of ministry each month to determine if it's possible to restart them or do them in a different capacity to enable more opportunities for worship. Those announcements will be made here on the website and via Worship Service Announcements, so stay tuned.

Whether you choose to worship in person or virtually, just know that the Word of the Lord will continue to go forth strong in as many formats as we can manage and we'll ensure every opportunity to uplift the Saints of God! 

Again, thank you for your faithfulness and support, and blessings to you and your loved ones through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

In His service,

Pastor M.T. Brown 

Below is the amended church schedule until we return to the Sanctuary:

  • SUNDAY WORSHIP SERVICES - Sundays at 11 a.m. (Facebook Live & Church Website)
  • BIBLE STUDY - Each Wednesday at 7 p.m. (Facebook Live & Church Website)
  • ​VIRTUAL SUNDAY SCHOOL - Thursdays at 7 p.m. (Conference Call Line)
  • YOUTH CHAT & CHECK-IN - Monthly Zoom
  • CORPORATE PRAYER - 1st Saturdays at 9 a.m. (Conference Call Line)
  • ​Church Conference Call Line: 1-605-475-4796 - Access Code: 481186

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