​​​​We're closely monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and will keep you posted on any changes and updates for the church here and on the church's Facebook page.

Today begins another week in our COVID-19 world and all the new normals it has gifted us. I am thankful that you are a church that has remained resilient throughout this pandemic and all of life's changes with it. God is still in the midst and for that we can be grateful!

The Governor has begun reversing the Stay-at-Home orders and reopening the state to get back to business and normalcy. For those of us who have been cooped up a while, we realize the phased reopening of the state and the increased movements of many industries has caused much excited and a great vigor to join in.  The church; however, remains prayerful about the best time to reopen the actual doors of the church building. It's our intent to watch the reopening response for a period of time before officially reopening the sanctuary to ensure there isn't a spike/spread related to the reopenings that will cause a setback and endanger anyone who attends worship services.

We believe we're close to a Reopening of the Sanctuary date and will announce this day with broad notices! In the meantime, please continue to worship with us online and by ZOOM for our ministry/auxiliary meetings. During this season, the Word of the Lord will continue to go forth and we'll ensure every opportunity to uplift the Saints of God!


Greetings! Today is our second Virtual Communion as we ride out the Social Distancing wave. Although I miss worshipping in person with you all, my faith yet remains strong in God that we'll be back to the house of the Lord soon enough! We're actively planning a couple of opportunities in the near future for Drive in and Worship Services to be held on the church grounds as an opportunity to see each other's faces, share some virtual love and be together again. For those who cannot drive in, these services will be broadcast just as the current services are so you won't miss the fellowship or the Word of God.


Greetings Saints! I pray all is continuing to go well with you and your families this this time of isolation. I want to thank you for continuing to stay connected to the church online each week and for your faithful support! As we all soldier through this time of uncertainty, God is moving by His power and showing Himself strong.  The Leadership Team has been meeting by ZOOM weekly to stay abreast of updates and provide input on various changes needed during this time. We've also adjusted our learning streams so as to make the best of everyone's time and still stay connected. Please be sure to visit this page regularly and the E-Bulletin page to stay updated on all changes.

One of the discussions from this week's meeting was focused on when the church is expected to reopen, since it was announced that the state's anticipated reopening would occur soon. The church will not open immediately when the state reopens businesses. Out of concern for our members and visitors' health and safety, we intend to wait a minimum of 14-days (the standard quarantine period) beyond any reopening period before considering hosting in-person worship services again. For instance, if the state reopened on June 1, we would not consider reopening the church until Wednesday, June 17, which is the first service date after a standard quarantine period. This, of course, would be based upon the public health condition of our state at that time, recommendations from Public Health experts, and the additional spread of the virus. We're going to be prayerful and use wisdom to make any reopening determination. When determined, that date will be announced and shared broadly via email and social media, as well as posted on the Home page and throughout this website.

Hold tight, keep the faith, stay encouraged, and trust God through this season. As I've stated before, we will be alright if we stay strong and remain focused on God. Please remember to diligently protect yourself, follow the CDC guidelines regarding this virus, wear your face masks, wash your hands, and sanitize frequently. I believe God for the greater harvest that will come through this and trust that, as Christians, we're going to be better than ever before!


                                                                                                                                                                               Pastor M. T. Brown


It's Holy Week and we want everyone to know the church's plans to honor the Lord and celebrate this holy season. Please visit the E-Bulletin page to get an update on the week's virtual services and service times and make plans to attend!



Communion Sunday is tomorrow,

 as well as Palm Sunday. Join us

 as we honor the Lord's Supper and 

celebrate the Lord Jesus' triumphant

return to Jerusalem!


For those without Facebook, but want to access live broadcasts of the church's Worship Services and Bible Studies, please go to the church's  Church Online page on this website to tune in.


Hi Saints and Friends,

We hope you're doing well during this time and trusting God every step of the way! First Lady and I are constantly praying for you. I know this temporary “new normal” has proved to be challenging in some ways, but I’ve also found that it’s shown us how resilient we can be when we have to.  

We look forward to the day we can all gather together again in worship and some have asked if we think the church will reopen by Resurrection Sunday (Easter). I wish I could answer that question at this time, but can only pray and say that I do remain hopeful that it'll be sooner than later.  Should we not be able worship together at the church on Resurrection Sunday, I still want us to honor the Lord on this day with the same enthusiasm we would have given at the church. With this in mind, I’m encouraging you and your family to dress up in your Sunday Best as you attend the church’s virtual Resurrection Sunday Worship Service and take pictures to share online. When you post the pictures, TAG the church’s Facebook page or make the church the virtual location of your photo so we all can see you and be encouraged by your support!

Also, if your child received a Resurrection/Easter Speech before the crisis, please feel free to have them perform their speech in their Sunday Best and post that as well on the church’s Facebook page! We would love to see them! By the way, speeches are still available to be emailed or sent to you by text if you'd like your youth to do this; just click here to send an emailed request.

Thank you in advance for helping us bring peace and hope to an anxious and stressed world! We're appreciative of you keeping the faith during these difficult and unusual times, for checking on one another to ensure everyone is okay, and for all you do in the name of the Lord. Remember to protect yourself, follow the CDC guidelines in response to the virus, and wash your hands and sanitize frequently. We will get through this, and I believe we're going to be better than ever before. Keep the faith and trust God!


Pastor M.T. Brown


Worship Services will be held online until further notice. Join us at 11 am Sunday via FaceBook Live or Conference Call: 1-800-250-2600 - Access Code: 566 57 673. Please note: This is a new and different conference call number than previously used for Bible Study earlier this week.


Members and Friends,

As you know, this country is facing a Pandemic with the COVID-19 Coronavirus spreading across the nation. As such, we all find ourselves having to restrict our movements to help slow and stop the transmission of the virus. I’d like to take this opportunity to give you an update on the church’s plan to continue  worshipping the Lord and serving during this public health crisis.

First, everyone is urged to take precautions regarding their health during this outbreak. Its important to us that you all remain well, especially those with underlying health conditions and those listed in the known susceptible groups for this virus. Have faith and use wisdom as we encounter this in our community.

New CDC guidance came out today encouraging the public to avoid gathering in groups of 10 or more.  We will honor this request and (effective March 18) move to hosting our worship services online until further notice. All events have been postponed as well until further notice. We hope to reschedule soon!

As a community-based church and faith-based organization, we want to be a responsible community partner and do what is best as fellow citizens. Plus, the Bible tells us we should follow our faith AND respect government authority (Romans 13:1-7).

Our plan is to use Facebook Live and YouTube Live and our church conference call number during our regular service times to live stream worship. We hope this will make it easy for members and visitors alike to still find us during the temporary closure. Come back to this page and our Facebook page as often as desired to receive updates and new information.  We want you to stay connected to the Word of God and our church family as much as possible!

Since we won't meet in person until this public health crisis is clear, we encourage you to support the church through your online donations. Should you desire to support the church this way, please give electronically via PayPal; just click the Donate button at the bottom of the page. Thank you in advance for supporting the church during these uncertain times.

Again, have faith AND use wisdom, and don’t become fearful. God is still in control and we can stand on His holy word. This is something we’ve never seen or experienced before, and reminds us just how fragile those things we depend on daily can be, but we can trust God!

PRAY ALWAYS and be encouraged knowing that our God is more than able and capable of bringing us out alright!

Pastor M.T. Brown


Below is the amended church schedule until we return to the Sanctuary:

  • SUNDAY WORSHIP SERVICES - Sundays at 11 a.m. (Facebook Live & Church Website)
  • BIBLE STUDY - Each Wednesday at 7 p.m. (Facebook Live & Church Website)
  • VIRTUAL SUNDAY SCHOOL - Thursdays at 7 p.m. (Main Conference Call Line)
  • LEADERSHIP CONNECT - Each Monday at 7 p.m. (ZOOM Meeting)

​Church Main Conference Call Line: 1-800-250-2600 - Access Code: 566 57 673



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