Men of Restoration Men's Ministry

The Restoration & Praise Men’s Ministry, “Men of Distinction,” is the men’s auxiliary of the church and is open to all men.  The Men’s Ministry provides Christian leadership and spiritual guidance through monthly male-focused, Men's Ministry Bible studies, prayer groups, and fellowships. 

The Men's Ministry also acts as a service organization to the church by mentoring the young men of the church to teach life skills, serving as armor bearers for the Pastor, and maintaining our church facilities and grounds.

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Virtuous Women of Praise Women's Ministry

The Virtuous Women of Praise (VWP) is the women’s auxiliary ministry of the church and is open to all women, whether members or friends of the ministry.  VWP provides guidance on being virtuous women of God and provides Biblical training on how to remain holy in today’s world. The group hosts a monthly women-focused Bible Study that addresses the needs of women and girls, plans different quarterly activities (dinners, group activities, retreats, etc.) to build the sisterhood of women, and fellowships on a regular basis to build Godly relationships with one another.  

Restoration & Praise

Christian Fellowship Center

Love-In-Covenant Marriage Ministry
The Love in Covenant Marriage Fellowship is a Christian fellowship for married couples and pre-marital couples that provides Bible-based teachings on marriage and includes a forum for discussion of various marital topics.  The mission of the Marriage Ministry is to build strong, healthy, loving marriages using the original blueprint for success (the Bible).  Pastor and First Lady are the leaders of the Marriage Ministry, and the meetings are informal and relaxed so that everyone can feel comfortable participating.  Because the meetings are so relaxed, they always provoke a joyous spirit of fun amongst the couples, even when discussing serious topics, and end with a heightened appreciation for the institution of marriage and couples looking forward to the next gathering.  In addition to the Marriage Ministry meetings, pre-marital and marriage counseling sessions are available.

Generation Next Youth Ministry
The Generation Next Youth Ministry is the anchor of the Youth Department.  It is a youth Bible Study and activity ministry designed to encourage and strengthen our young people’s faith in Jesus Christ and build their relationship with God.  Biblical principles and values are taught and activities include: educational life messages, videos, arts & crafts, and educational and fun field trips.  Parents are always welcome and encouraged to participate with their child(ren) in all Youth Department activities.  In addition to Youth Ministry, the Youth Department and Sunday School Department also hosts a dynamic weekly Sunday School every Sunday at 9:45 a.m.

The Ministry with God's People at Heart

Faith Walk Singles Ministry
The Faith Walk Singles Ministry is a single-focused Bible Study and fellowship auxiliary for the single people of the church and Christian community.  The main purpose of the ministry is to encourage single persons in their Christian walk and provide fellowship opportunities with other single persons.  The ministry and Bible studies are lead by our Pastor were designed to provide spiritual strength to those are content in their singleness, those who are in waiting for a spouse, and those who are struggling in their singleness.  The monthly meetings include Bible-based teachings on singleness and a forum for discussion of various topics of importance to singles.  The fellowship portion of the ministry includes two monthly opportunities to “hang out” with the others in an informal atmosphere, such as bowling, barbeques/picnics, dinners, and movie outings.

Outreach and Hospitality
Outreach and serving others through genuine hospitality is our passion and genuinely at the heart of this ministry. Annually our church plans several dedicated outreach opportunities through Pop-up Sunday Schools and teaching ministries in the community which allows us to do spiritual evangelism and reach people outside of our four walls to share the Good News. We also conduct quarterly Community Outreach which allows us share the love of Christ in practical ways by meeting needs in the community (free dinners, clothing drives, back to school supply giveaways, nursing home visits, personal care supplies for the homeless, etc.), thereby showing the love of Christ in ways all can understand. For outreach dates, please feel free to visit our Church Calendar on the website and contact the church to find ways you can assist. To donate to help us accomplish these missions, please feel free to click the button below.